The Omnipresent Christ Omnipotence in You

Mine children of this planetary sphere and civilization .. you have embarked upon your career of the universes as you seek true knowledge and the understanding of the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise.

Thine thirst for righteousness is your desire to come into Our alignment and awareness. It begins with a very necessary change of focused attentiveness .. a sensitivity of mind, and the acquirement of the heart's motive to be like God .. to find God's Life within the tapestries of thine own consciousness.

The Kingdom of God is his Sovereignty. He is the One Sovereign Lord of all hearts and every mind and body. A consciousness of His everywhereness will become awake in thee as you hold an unwavering constancy of concentration and coordination in seeking him in you .. an uninterrupted collaboration with him .. a reciprocal communion in your own awareness which becomes the omnipotent impulse and the supreme desire to do the will of God by upstepping thine character and heightening thine mortal senses; by applying rightly thine authorship .. thine creative authority to set into motion those very vibratory influences and activities of ascendancy.

Thine unselfish love of God who is the Life in you, yields the eternal fruits of a gradual ascendancy.  Your values, meanings and interpretations, purpose and direction .. these all clarify in you. An illumination of the need for intimacy with the Father is stirred in your heart. Thine hunger for his constancy and a collaborative atonement with his spirit shall raise thine thoughts .. harmonize all feelings over time. An improvement in your ethical decisions and moral conduct shall develop into Objectivity of the Father's eternal perspectives.

The Sovereignty of God the Father establishes in you his everpresent Kingdom of the Heavenly Vibration. It is the absolute goal of mortal faithful believers, the everlasting estate wherein thine love for God is daily perfected .. the law of all causes and effects is brought to bear .. and wherein the will of God is done more smoothly, easily, and divinely.

I come to stimulate thine higher senses into the greater sight of the Shepherd .. thine personal Christhood. To give thee sustenance and conviction of My Omnipotence of Faith Trust. My precepts when daily applied shall remove thine waxen hearings so that you partake of the goodness, beauty, and truth of God's Absoluteness Of Ascendancy.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Epochal Revelation of the Universe Father Son Michael Of Nebadon


  1. Gracias Amado Micael por tus maravillosas enseƱanzas,me deleito,aprendiendo y saliendo de lo efimero y la subjectividad...mi objetivo primordial,es responsabilizarme por mis erroneas calificaciones y mal uso de la vida que Dios en Su Infinta Bondad y Amor me concedio ,.pido perdon y transfiguro en la llama de la resurreccion,dia a dia..y en la Omnipresencia quiero vivir.. Absoluta Cristeidad, adoracion,poder y Gloria ..a Dios...Gracias.


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