The Illumination of this God Moment

Oh Mine blessed ones of the evolutionary origins upon this planetary orb .. come unto Me and I will give you rest from every challenge to your soul's climb upon the ladder of the living.

Follow Me in the way of Paradise Trinity Endowment. Give thyself into our apostleship of ascendancy wherein ye shall be stoked into your higher sense.

Birth thyself into a determination of devotion. Lend thyself to the Father's Life in you who desires to take you further along the tackling of all mortal ills and challenging deceit from thine lesser nature which stalks you as a prey in the open environment of the Selfhood of God Himself.

I come to have you walk with Me into clearer pastures where denial and arrogance cannot advance themselves. Together we shall bring the fruit of your progressive God Ascent into actualization .. into tangibility and the purity of divine visibility.

Deny Me not .. nor shall you dishonor yourselves with the blindness of a material mind which has become perverse and prideful. Thine radiant Godhood is yet a stones throw away. It's gestation upon the surface of the waters of life .. when given the chance to enter most deeply .. will reveal the Father's endless ripples of joy and justice .. his merciful tenderness .. and his inconspicuous generosity of his heart.

I bid thee faith confidence and the peace of trust .. just as in the morning when the mists of a gentle frost are evaporating from view. Ye shall come forward into the protective care of My Universal Administration that washes thee clean from the dust of unawareness that shields thine sight from the One Omnipotent Reality.

I AM...

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Salvington Divinity School


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