Behold .. the One Force of Love

Behold the One God Force is absolutely present with you now. Become aware of his holy omnipresence through the doorway of your own consciousness. By placing thine awareness in faith upon the Spirit of life in you. Give your acknowledgment and adorational acceptance to the Spirit of the Paradise Father who literally lives in your field of life.. in your midst .. in closer proximity even more intimate is He than the hairs of your head .. and the tip of your toes. He is present in your consciousness  .. as your consciousness which is beneath all thoughts and feelings. He watches and waits. I know ., for I speak to you now as one with Him.

Express in you this innate spirit virtue of worship .. of pure adoration. Of the purity of giving your attention and awareness to the spirit I AM. The spirit that you are. Allow your passion for the normal worldly things to become redirected into this giving and receiving with the Spirit of your Life .. and only then will you be expanding the Kingdom of the Heavens all about you. You will be broadening God's Sovereignty in and through you. His Sovereignty gives you his greater Life .. his aliveness of loving intelligence.

The spirit of worship .. is in you, and must be awakened and developed by you. Only you shall express it into this very moment to make your contact with the Infinite One. To expand His Sovereignty in you. His Sovereignty is His peace and order .. his harmony and wholeness. These become established in your life as you create a place in you to receive .. to accept God .. to make peace with your errors and misqualified mistakes.

Our forgiveness requires certain things in order to receive it. It needs you to hold three inner attitudes which will activate and awaken God's forgiveness.

Respect for the Life of the Infinite Father Mother Source who lives in your midst, responsibility for your creative authorship, and receptivity for truth and the desire to know the Life of God in you which you are becoming more of. These three attitudes bring an acceleration of your individual growth. You shall be aligning with the desires of the Infinite, and this inner alignment brings about great happiness.

The spirit of worship is your indwelling religious impulse .. the natural impulse in you of connecting with the Source of your life. This religious impulse that you have is your authority in your life. It directs you towards truth and righteousness. It paves the roadway by which you evolve yourself into greater love and compassion in your life.

Know that you are growing into a greater son and daughter of the One Parenthood of God. That you shall bring this religious spirituality into your expression as you turn your attentions toward the Life of God in you.

I come into the mortal sphere of your world to bring you gifts of your inheritance. I prepare you to receive these gifts. The gifts of the greater Life more vastly abundant are already part of you. I offer my Universal Association and Administration to guide you into this burgeoning receiving of the God life you are.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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