I AM the One Pruner of Your Empowerments

Today .. and at this moment of your earthly travails .. I appear to thee once more in Our universal efforts to bring humanity and the kingdoms of the earth into solar and galactic cooperation with your neighbors. To elevate thine definitions of thine personal  selfhood .. in this shall ye achieve the clarity of being My Representatives upon the earth in this activity of our Association Of Ascendancy.

The Virtues of Our Eternal Relationship Of Redemption and Resurrection have their foundation in these Eternal Values:

Recognition of your own God Life
Reciprocal spiritual communion
...and a few others.

In this My public ministry beginning at this time in 2016 .. the Vine that I AM must be able to distribute it's nutrients to the Universal Family upon earth.

I AM the Pruner of this Universal Vine of Life. I AM the One Pruning Power which shall cut away all branches dead and dying.. who are wasting away and pulling downward the Vineyard.

As you suckle upon My nutrients while avoiding your personal religious responsibility with the First Universal Cause .. then are you misrepresenting and misusing our Association together.

Be thou immaculate in character .. be vigilant in thine choices to draw your attentions inwards and upwards. To walk beyond the pastures of the dead and dying of your race.

These immaculate choices become then .. the Attentions Of Advancement and Ascendancy.

Do I seek to stimulate thine higher urges and considerations of the eternal Father? Absolutely I do. I come to prune Mine branches and to water Mine Vine .. not with the vinegars of vulgarity by which this world operates .. but by the pristine glory and perfection of the Immaculate Waters of Infinity of the Trinity. . .

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon


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