Thine Highways of Ascendancy

None do come to the Initiatory Life of the First Great Source nor to the Second Source .. yet must they open to the Universe Mother Spirit.

She is the expression of the Third Creative Center and Source .. God the Spirit .. at the Core of Paradise.

The Mother Spirit is thine mind source. She and the Son have brought thee forth into existence with mind and power .. and this very same mind is the will of decision.

The Mother .. She sends forth the circuitry of Her Mind into the evolutionary races. This universe circuitry are Her Spirit Virtues. Thine initial ascent into godhood comes about as ye open to these Cardinal Virtues of Nebadonia .. the Universe Mother Spirit.

...and her Seven Spirit Virtues becoming Values and Priorities .. are your entrance into communion with Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter .. the universal guide am I for all who are making their ascent through this universe.

The Seven Cardinal Virtues of the Mother Spirit. . .

Worship .. Wisdom .. Courage .. Counsel .. Understanding .. Knowledge .. Intuition.

Invite Her Spirit Virtues to come .. to enter your field of living .. to weave their eternal circuitry in and through you .. so that you are immersed in Our eternal Values and Priorities .. the Great appreciation for the Life Bestowal of the First Creative Center and Divine Source .. the Initiatory Thought and Life of God the Father.

His Universe Spirit shall broaden in thee and His substance of divinity shall widen it's scope in mind heart and body as ye emblazen in you these Cardinal Virtues.  His divine Influence shall fill all space in thee as ye ask and acknowledge and then allow.

I come to reveal the avenues of freedom and to  illuminate Truth .. to pave thine backwater country road into the everlasting highways of our Association Of Ascendancy.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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