The Infinite Influences and Everlasting Impulses of Love

The work of the Father's Bestowal Spirit in thee .. His mission .. is to translate the human being's more primitive urges and tendencies into an attitude of holiness .. that the personality character becometh rectified in righteousness and respect .. dignity and responsibility .. honor and receptivity.

Thine evolutionary progression cometh out from the embodiment of the Mother Virtues.  Thine sense of earthly duty shall be transmuted into that higher and more proper faith trust in the everlasting realities .. into the potency of those spiritual impulses which awaken greater Selfhood .. and our more Infinite Influences which are a reaching outward of the Almighty Endowment of the Trinity.

In this simplicity of Spirit then Mother Son .. and only then Father Source .. a soul receptivity grows in mind; for always there must come into the evolutionary mind of personality .. a perfection thirst .. which compels thine heart to reach for right understanding and to elevate the concrete and conceptual mind into abstract knowing.

Hence .. comprehend thine faith vision and amplify those urges which propel thee into our Association Of Ascendancy. Only these accentuated desires for goodness, truth, and beauty can offer the evolutionary personality a pathway into the supreme attainment.

I bid thee to attend to thine sowing and reaping .. even unto the resowing of all thine  vibratory activities into the life of the spirit.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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