The Absoluteness Of Ascendancy

Peace nor happiness shall not be thine goal of attainment.  These are merely the natural and normal effects of entering into the Father's Initiatory Kingdom.

First .. seek to cooperate with the plan of ascendancy for your life. This is the surest way to have returned to you those misqualified conditions which need your attention for transfiguration.

Second .. embody the Virtues of God the Mother Spirit. Enter thine communion with her Spirit Virtues who are sent to you for your refinement of heart.

Then .. concentrate thine efforts upon the law of harmony .. this is included in Mine Verities which do open the eyes of God thou art.

Third .. ye shall consecrate thineself into the wholehearted willingness to enter into the Will of the Father.

Plan first .. then law .. then only will. The will of heaven is for you to raise thyself into God's nature and his identity.

I come to shine the light of knowledge upon the Absoluteness Of Ascendancy.  This Absoluteness is the Trinity Absolute as their Circuits of Consciousness reach the shores of humanity.

For ye shall take Mine Universal Hand of Faith Conviction and Trustworthy Convergence in order to enter Our Association Of Ascendancy.
Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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