Mine Comforter Consciousness Fosters Truth

Mine Comforter Consciousness fosters your freedom in Eternity.

Our Association of Ascendancy brings to the individual personality the refinements of godly  qualification .. the strengthening of determination to graduate from the defilement of divisiveness and the deadening effects of arrogance and atrophy .. the divine desire to transcend all traces of mortal ignorance and the painful rebelliousness which leads one to death once again; for it is thine destiny to bypass degenerative disease and the depressions of a life attempting to live outside of the Father's Sovereign Omnipotence.

Come and enter Mine Association Of Ascendancy .. Mine everpotent Approach of Ascendancy is your relationship with Me here while I walk in thine garment of ephemerality .. and everlastingly in the A Comforter Spirit of Mine Being.

Our mutuality of mastership is the enlivening Ideal. It is an absolute balm of comfort and clarity which shall springboard thee into rectitude and receptivity .. responsibility and respect .. responsiveness and religious exhilaration.

Our goal together is your everlasting dominion over every materializing obstruction of mind and wherein ye are learning to overpower every human challenge towards the pursuit of your ascendancy of Universal Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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