The Great Life of Perfection I AM

Ye are Gods with the creative impulse .. the power of contemplation. This power that ye are and which ye express is the Initiatory Thought and Life of God the Father.

Ye are the creative and contemplating presence which reflects .. contemplates .. and holds the capacity of entering into the octaves of abstract thought beyond linear rational thought.

Behold .. thine godhood contemplates and reflects upon itself. Consciousness is this contemplation power which is given to you by the Great Central Source in order that ye come to know thyself.

Only God contemplates both itself and all other things through the faculty of rational mind. This mortal mind holds the potential to evolve from concrete linear thought into abstract direct knowing. This is the God Faculty; for this is the only faculty that ye have received which examines itself. Inquiring of its own nature. This is ultimately the intuition much expanded through faith and trust alchemies of thought intention and awareness attention. It becometh Invisionment of the one divinity absolute.

And as ye contemplate the nature of God the Father .. ye shall bring Him forth into manifestation. Magnify Him. Magnetize His natural Selfhood. Manifest Him on thee .. as thine own Selfhood of Divinity.

These are Mine Verities which sustain Our Universal Vision to bring salvation to all who are personalities journeying upon the road towards their God Ascent.

Ye hold this gift of generosity in freedom and grace. And oh .. what power it has, and what is the value of this gift to examine all thine other faculties in elevating Life into its pristine glory and perfection.

I come to heal the blind into their true sight .. and to uncoat thine ears of Selfhood through divine contemplation. I heal the deaf in their stagnations of awareness .. raising up the One Body I AM.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation, Latinoamerica

Worldwide Communion with the Creator Father Son and Universe Mother Spirit


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