My Universal Trust of Nebadon

Thou children of My Universal Trust .. the Great and good Father Creator has bestowed a small portion of Himself .. His Spirit of Eternity .. in thee.

His absolutely magnificent and universal  offering is for each bestowed personality to have the opportunity of merging with Him eternally.

It becometh thine attainment to strive for His perfection of divinity .. thine first and foremost motivating impulse and the first duty .. thine highest and brightest ambition is to reach inward .. to heighten thine sensibilities upwards .. to refine thine character .. and to seek to become just as perfect in your own sphere of influence as the Universal Father is in infinity and eternity.

Of all the great struggles that ye may come to experience in your ascent into godhood .. thine  creaturehood shall become more fully enobled as ye strive for matching the Father's edict in your life and world.

All of the Father's creation reaches and aspires. Every enlightened civilization has as its central tenets this edict of perfection actively woven in its culture.

Raise thine standards for what you anticipate is possinle for thee; for the God of perfection desires your attainment into the greater actualities of your potential.

I tell thee .. this possibility of the attainment of divine perfection is the fullness of humankind's  complete and certain destination as a race and species. All mine children shall one day awaken upon the exalted shores of the Father's majestic presence. His life becometh thine own as ye bring thyself into the eternal marriage with the Paradise Spirit of Bestowal.

All struggles and problems .. every conflict and disharmony has its solution in this fulfilling venture of the centuries; the raising upwards in vibratory attentions into this adcendancy of eternal spiritual progress.

I come to make the blind to see and the deaf to hear and the dumb to speak. Mine Verities shall become a great salve of comfort and joy as ye walk within My Universal Hand and Heart...

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Salvington College


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