Our Infinite Influences of Intoxicating Promise

My public ministry and Universal Administration rides well upon the everlasting spirit gravity of the Second Source .. God the Son. Those with a heart pliable for growth shall be 'caught up with Me'. Those who possess the pure desire for God alone .. and are decided upon attaining to their more universal residency .. these shall become filled to overflowing with capacities of concentration .. and their considerate pure heart shall cause them to emerge from out of the worldly populace who seeks and searches, and yet finds only the naught within themselves.

Mine children .. ye have sought thine solutions over the centuries of your explorings, and ye have blazed through the arduousness of this incredible search. Now, I come for thee; to give thee Mine Infinite Increase. Mine Influences with the Universe Mother and the benevolence of the Host shall prosper thine urgings for completion .. and verily, thine enduring convictions of confidence grown out from our associations shall be as a plethora of benevolence.

Each and every personality mind who develops in the Mother's Virtues their soul receptacle to embody Truth .. this be the personality chalice by which ye shall receive Mine outpourings of Absolute Truth.

These .. Mine Holy Waters given to Me by the Infinite Trinity Persons shall cause to extinguish forever those ephemeralities of your mortal nature. Thine weakness and lack of faith and trust will become transmuted unto Invisioning Identification with the Universal Selfhood which we do share together as One God.

Ye shall be arising into a consciousness of thine Supremacy; for ye are God's sons and daughters of limitless unfolding .. the great Deity of Wholeness art thou .. even as I speaketh to thee in the here and now.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Michael Of Nebadon, The Americas

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon


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