Thine Destiny and Divine Destination Develop

Mine Verities are of the Primal Son. These are the eternal truths and understandings and patterns .. and the unchangeable laws of the Infinite One which shall be applied towards thine freedom and ascendance of mastery as you enter the gates of Salvington.

Our eternal fellowship communion awakens those misqualifications which have been hidden in you over the lifetimes.  It bringeth these conditions forth into view and supports the disciple to embrace their own creation as I return these energies to them. It is our mutuality of mastership .. our dedicated discipleship .. and the beginnings of our association are sustainable only through your prior work with embodying the Cardinal Virtues of Nebadonia the Mother Spirit.

The Mother Spirit and her Spirit Virtues impress upon the human mind our eternal meanings .. values .. qualities .. purposes .. in a way that grows character and mindal development into a soul receptivity.

You are destined to become this Divine Receptacle by your unequivocal desire for Absolute Truth and Law .. Harmony and Order .. a Godly attainment which unfolds each personality soul and body into a new order of being .. an ascendant mastery establishing the Kingdom of Heaven in you.

This is to become born once again by the Hand of God. This is the second birth into a light and life more abundant and limitless, relatively speaking.

Thine destination is the Individualized Identity of God the Father in and directly above you. He comes to participate in the eternal wedding of the bride and bridegroom .. to experience the evolutionary creation of which you are an integral and absolutely essential participant.

...and while thine destination is the very Father Mother Source who is your Individualization of Supremacy .. ye are required to choose by free will decision and the demonstration daily of your willingness to share the life of mortality with the very Life of the Creator Source.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon


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