Mine Coming Awakens Righteousness and Respect

Those of little faith and lacking in their discerning Eye .. they are blind to Mine coming. They miss Mine appearance upon the world stage while I deliver to the truth seekers My nourishing balm of counsel and guidance.

The blind do lead the ignorant into earthly pits of deprivation and disease due to their egotistical sight .. their refusal to seek wisdom when it's presented plainly and without fanfare.

I say to those with a readiness to walk with Me .. open thine vision by simple desire. The Father's Life flourishes when you have your determination to perceive intact.

The Life of God shall broaden thy scope for Truth. It shall cleanse thine incapacities to see and discern Mine simple coming .. unannounced and unbeholden to any group or pathway. I come independent of all preconceptions and expectations.

Behold .. the Father's Life and His Will have sent Me into My flock. While many do wander about without any apparent capacity for righteousness and respect .. Mine sheep do know Me. They respond to Me. They are stirred in their hearts towards true humility and divine emptiness. They sense My coming into the human fold .. and they wait not for signs and signals. They hunger for knowledge and understanding. I come to give these things; for the truth and way shall deliver thee into thine salvation from every ill and threatening animosity of the intellectual.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. Founder Creator .. Father Son of all within this My Universal Trust. I do come as My formless Spirit Personality inserted directly into the realm of the meek. I come as personalization of Father Son .. with the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit as Mother. We tend to our sheep .. leading them unto Our Greener Pastures of Immortality and Citizenship Universal.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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