Infinite Thought Immaculate of the Universal Father

All is Thought, beloveds. And this very Thought is supreme and vast .. it is without limits nor definitions. This very Thought that I speak of with thee .. it hath a Source and Center within the personhood of a Spirit Intelligence and Power that is inexpressible .. without conditions and restrictions.

I am come among men and women to teach them of things beyond their knowledge and understandings. A way of approach to living that is of something higher and grander and fuller than that which they perceive in their earthly travails.

Humankind is yet only one of a vast number of races and humanities. Mortal men and women are of a lower order compared to the vastness of the orders of the universes .. having not as of yet brought forth the fulfillment that awaits them in their destiny.

The humanity of your race and present civilization is in its infancy beloveds; nothing to be ashamed of nor to hide thyself from. All have begun at a certain point in time and space and development .. and many have arisen from your present point of development into the vaster cosmos wherein they move other civilizations into their own grandeur and unfoldment. 

All is ruled by beings far beyond themselves as you are coming to understand, and it is a part of mine responsibility to stoke the flame of thine own evolutionary development into greater maturity and hope, promise and sophistication.

The One Trinity Absolute hath knowledge of you each .. mark mine own words, beloveds. He asketh of Me to foster thine cooperation and the necessary collaboration into universal law and harmony. To acquaint thy selves with understandings through Our counsel and guidance. To understand that you have been created and brought into existence through the Hand of Thought; that all is this Thought in its burgeoning manifestation. The entire Cosmos is this Thought; it began to manifest in the matter .. the materializing force of itself .. trillions of millennia ago in your earthly time for very specific reasons .. a plan .. and a direction with Infinite intelligence behind it all.

Thought comes into matter to gain advancements of all kinds. To be able to conceive of itself directly in realization and recognition, remembrance and revelation. Form allows much to become learned and brought into consciousness. Form offers Thought the possibilities of personalization .. blended and merged with personality .. personhood .. which holds a developing character and virtue .. values and verities .. in it ascribing towards perfection. Thought character can become measured .. for their are valuations to every victory in awareness and the imitation of the Initiatory Thought of the Source of all.

Your earth life is one way of measurement and valuation for the underlying Consciousness .. the Thought .. that all are a part of. And your outer physical surroundings and life of the world are a projection of Thought .. the projection of Thought in terms of quantities and qualities for valuation .. for measurement .. for understanding itself and its inherent nature and being; for the evolutionary development of its own qualities and fabric ..  evaluation of its attributes which are derived from the Source Absolute. Yet, this very Source goes on and on and on into other creations and other existences which are beyond my words to explain and express .. and .. you are a living part of this One Thought coming into fuller stature, at one with the One from which all are derived.

All Life everywhere present hath in it the very essence of Thought, while at the very same time .. it is Thought. This some of you are coming to know and understand - all is Thought expressing its attributes and values, its quantities of these virtues and values and verities .. through the complex array of experiences, inherent attributes are brought forth into awareness and use .. in service to the totality of wholeness.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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