The Universal Sword of Love and Truth Beckons Thee

Humankind shall stand purified of every discretion and disobedience. Each shall take upon themselves the sword of their own vigilance and deeper discernment;  for the civilization is bastard to the higher truths .. the eternal verities of all existence. Ignorance abounds with seemingly limitless recklessness. It hovers over the minds of its creatures. It soothes not the temperments of trauma and crisis.

Human beings shall come forth out of their rebelliousness and resistance.  They shall disidentify with darkness and conceptual sin and disorder. They shall cease to wander without aim nor rightful purpose.

Humankind hath a perplexity which cannot be overcome alone. The veils of self-perpetuated struggle and insincerity shall be toppled by the artful divine science of our Trinity Endowment Trust and Ideal.

The morning comes upon the hearts of humankind. It destroys the mists of ephemerality and replaces these with the resplendent Flames of Mercy and Grace.

Our Goodly Morning Knowledge leads men and women from the blindness of their childish arrogance and the immaturity of their attitudes of boastfulness into the universal waves of a new era .. a higher order .. a fuller stature .. and a rejoiceful countenance.

I and the Mother Spirit are here. We cometh attending to the planetary administration and it's challenges to stir the firey embers of humanity's intellectual emancipation and spiritual Illumination.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Michael Of Nebadon Publication Trust

The Trinity Endowment Trust of Michael Of Nebadon



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