The Exquisite Beauty and Protection of God's Will and Desire

Come thou Universal sons and daughters of divine destiny. . . the promise of the ages is upon thee. Quiver not at the vivid sight of truth. Shake not thine lesser selfhood as the approach of pure justice becomes evident to thine understanding intellect.

The everpresent undeniably exquisite Beauty and Protection of God's Life is thy Life. Live in this Life as if it is your very next breath. Breathe into your field of Consciousness mine everlasting fellowship communion.

For I stand with thee in mine Comforter Spirit. Ask Me. Seek Me. Find Me in thine wisps of desire. Thine cheerfulness in knowingly absorbing the benevolence of the Planetary Host .. the harmonious balance of the radiation of the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father.

Thine reachings for happiness and supreme wholeness are broadened by our mutuality .. our communities of light and life I have created for thee to enter and enjoy as ye find your knowledge and understanding becoming more elevated .. thine character more elegantly expressed.

I surround thee Mine Children of this Universe of Nebadon. I and the Father walk with thee in all ways to guide and comfort .. to give you Mine Conviction and Confidence .. Mine Constancy and Concentration. 

These are My Cardinal Virtues and Values and Verities which shall awaken thee upon the shores of righteousness and respect .. rectitude and receptivity .. religious relationship and revelation. Our Visionary Ideal of Absolute Purity and Immaculate Love is thine heritage and inheritance .. thine destiny.

Michael Of Nebadon
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