Mine Trustworthy Care

I am come with the genuine members of the planetary administration of the Host of Heaven. I come with Gabriel of Salvington by My side. I come unified and immaculately one with the Universe Mother Spirit .. Her Holy Spirit which cometh with the Host of Heaven.

I am in and with the garment of ephemerality. I come to teach you of the way to gain the true and lasting gold of your own Selfhood .. Consciousness of your own Christ Enfolding Presence .. and in this unfoldment which is thine heritage and destiny .. to help you to attain that permanent initiation of Universal Citizenship in the Kingdom of the great I AM.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. Father Son Personified .. the Hand of God the Sevenfold .. and the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit Unified.

It is high time that humanity become what God wills and intends. Easy it is not. Challenging it is and will be .. to achieve His greater Perfection through thine commands for the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Love to enter thee .. to transfigure thine misappropriation of His Life Energies .. to transmute the olden memories of times past whereupon ye have attempted to gain thine maturity and peace through outer ephemeral circumstance and unnecessary contrivance and contamination.

I come to reacquaint thee with the tapestries of Our Way and Truth; for Mine Way cometh at one with the Father’s Initiatory Thought and Life of Perfection.
I do show ye the way to attain to thine own mastery in the effervescence of the Buddhic Mind and the Christ Will .. the Omnipotent Impulse of the One Immaculate God Force who dwells nearest to thee directly in thine own Heart.

... for ye are His children and Mine trustworthy care .. Mine sheep within the tending of My Universal Flock. I must attend to each and all in their rightful time to become the conscious creators that the Paradise Trinity wills for the civilization to become.

To unearth .. unveil .. and unleash .. the true power of His Merciful Forgiveness and Peace in allowing the divine individuality to blossom into His Indestructible Illumination as His Individualization of Supremacy.

Doth ye understand Mine rantings and rhetoric,  beloveds?

For it is high time that we walk ye into the unencumbered and conditionless promise of thine destiny eternal and everlasting.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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