God's Kingdom of Righteousness and Honor

Build and grow thine inner foundations of divinity .. stability and security .. sensibility and safety .. all aspects of becoming immersed in the vibratory activities of the Absolute Truth.

Hence .. are ye entering into the All-Powerful .. All-Perfecting .. All-Pervading and Permeating .. Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Divine Supremacy.

Day by day you are exchanging the lower nature and it's vibrations for the vibratory rate of the Father's Initiatory Life. This is the unfathomable Kingdom of Heaven of which I have shared with humanity.

This is the simple humility of maturing and growing your personality character choices and decisions .. your awareness and adorational worship .. your subjective attentions and personal perspectives into Universal Purpose .. Eternal Meanings and Motivations .. and the Infinite Influences of the Father's Initiatory Impulse in thee.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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