Universal Buddha of Wholeness

The Trinity Endowment Ideal elevates and refines .. quickens and prepares .. the personality soul for life in the higher worlds of pure light and life.

Gradually .. you will be dissolving all illusory separations due to the lowered vibratory activities of the mortal.

Deny not thine mortality .. embrace with unconditional loving acceptance your inner movements of imperfection .. as all your personal energies and psychological levels become purified and refined.

Become in character and attitude .. consciousness and consistency .. the Sovereign Shepherd of Destiny by directing yourself into all truthfulness on every level of your being.

I allow the human to experience all things as I walk within this garment of mortality .. gradually raising and refining it into the immortality of the garment of light and life.

Make your experience real and genuine .. authenticity is necessary in all that you be and do .. by allowing true vulnerability and self honesty to flourish in you.

Become thou .. real and true .. sincere in your expression of personhood.

All peace to you beloveds.

I stand with you in My Universal Spirit Personality. I walk together with thine hand within My Universal Hand as you are willing to respect the Life of God the Father .. the administration of God the Son .. and the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit in advancing you beyond the immaturities and densities of the garment of mortality.

And .. as it is given to Me from the Trinity Persons of Infinity . . .

I am the One sent into this human fold to offer human personality the greater light of understanding knowledge and the fuller ascendant life of their status in this our universe through the eternal initiation of Universal Citizenship.

For I am called to serve in these ways as a fully embodied member of the Order of Michael.

Mine Hand is offered to all My universe children. He and she who is willing to put aside all prideful stubbornness and arrogant rebelliousness .. these become My disciples .. these personalities advance themselves into the Sovereign Shepherd of Destiny .. this is to become the Universal Buddha and Christ of Wholeness.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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