Service and Generosity Sustains all Life

Thine feelings to be of service to our Universe of Nebadon .. these shall arise in you .. they shall be stirred into activity and expression .. service is the primary dire time of all of Mine Shepherds of Salvington. 

Service bequeaths to the individual personality the opportunity to advance their Paradise Career into the greater works and those higher callings which do catapult you into the graduation ceremonies.

Arise within your soul, and allow your feelings of generosity and giving to flourish for your fellow men and women .. and for every Kingdom of the earth.

Repress not these qualities in you for giving and taking care of yourself and all others, yet begin with this great generosity towards thine own individual personality soul. Nurture thyself. Feed thine own self those life-generating thoughts and feelings of humility and honesty .. vulnerability and victory.

Be in this life to learn and grow thine very personhood .. and to enhance thine own soul .. to mature and grow thine character .. and to amplify thine Consciousness of God the Father who has bestowed a portion of his own Substance and Existence upon thee.

And .. when these feelings of love and care for your neighbors reach to the surface of your awareness .. and flood thy heart with the realizations of your similarities, give thou His expression to such impulses and urges of tender affection .. expand your reach of God's Goodness .. Truth .. and Beauty .. in the everpotent unfolding of intelligent ministry to those in your vicinity .. and to listening and receiving of the real needs of those personalities who desire to be served by your willingness to give and to receive of the always present knowledge and understanding of Truth and Mercy and Compassion.

I AM Michael Of Nebadon Father Son Personified Infinite Hand of God the Sevenfold and Universe Mother Unified.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon

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