Protocol Infinitas

To advance thyself in the Paradise Career .. ye must honor the Protocol Infinitas.

The Preparatory Act of God the Spirit and His expression as the Infinite Mother Spirit prepares thee to mature and receive. TheVirtues and Values of Nebadonia awaken divine meaning, eternal purpose,  and character righteousness.

The Revelatory Word of the Primal Originating Son and his Administration of Sons in the Universes are the way, truth, abd life of the Father's Initiatory Thought.

We come to demonstrate the Way and reveal the Truth regarding the Paradise Career and the ascent into Godhood.

And the Initiatory Thought and Life of God the Father Is the Destination of Perfection for all creatures who are evolutionary in origin and aspiring for His Ideal.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon Retreat

The Michael Of Nebadon Publications Trust

Trinity Endowment Trust of Michael Of Nebadon

Salvington Trust


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