Love of Reality is the Will of Heaven

Love the Lord thy God supremely and single-mindedly. Give to Him your single-hearted devotion and trust. Stand within the radiation of His Glory and Honorable nature. Bequeath to Him your devotional attention and awareness.

And .. love as unconditionally as is possible for you .. your neighbor. Forgive each one who walks within the vicinity of your surroundings.

Embrace each individual .. each and everyone .. every personality .. as your very own Selfhood in expression.

Respectfully receive your neighbor as yourself. For it is this unchanging and unconquerable law of love for God and for humankind that I beseech thee to live within .. and by which I wholeheartedly declare to you as constituting the complete and whole duty of each personality mind and soul.

Regardless whatsoever that you undergo in your trials and tribulations .. thine wanderings and confusions .. your struggles financially and emotionally .. God continually outpouring His blessings of righteousness and rectitude .. His peace and prosperity in thought and feeling .. His vibratory activity of freedom and illumination stands Unchangeable and Absolute.

Yet .. each personality must choose to enter into His unwavering Kingdom of Love and Merciful Compassion by activating these qualities in their own human decisions.  Each shall arise upon the undeniable reality of His Sovereignty and Supremacy as they give to Him their allegiance and all-consuming devotions of love and attentiveness.

Behold .. the Lord thy God is everywhere .. as everything in the unmanifest and the manifest tangible creation. He saturates all creatures and beings with His vibratory Essence.

He seeks to have each personality choose wisely their desire to expand His perfection and grace in themselves and outward unto all others.

He stands with those created personalities who choose to stand with Him. He walks every inch of the byways of your travels and travails in the garment of flesh mortality.  He bequeaths unendingly the Life of His own Presence and Power of Perfection.  And He allows each personality soul to do with this Perfection whatsoever they will in their  thought and feeling natures.

My surrounding Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter gives to you My conviction of faith and dedicated trust in the Unchangeable Absolute Truth.  I walk with thee .. and in our consciously chosen association and fellowship .. we walk you together into the eternal promise of everlasting achievement in your earthly career and Paradise ascent into the greater and greater expression of His Immortality and Illumination.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon Publication Trust

Trinity Endowment Trust of Michael Of Nebadon

Salvington College Trust


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