The Supremacy of Deity in You

I say mine thoughts to those with a heart tender and swollen with the hunger for Truth and Justice ..

The soul becometh.  It is cultivated and then acquired by each personality mind.

As you become woven into the Mother’s Circuit .. as ye embody her Virtues .. you are amplifying your receptivity and hungering for Truth. You are acquiring Our values and meanings .. Our purpose and understanding.  Hence .. you are acquiring the experiential attainment of soul; for soul is an experiential acquirement which must be attained by each one. Soul is the primordial setting which induces in you the greater desires for the Comforter Spirit to enter into your field of life.

You are broadened in the scope of your awareness so much so that the Father's Life .. His Spirit .. inherits in you a new reality in your human experience. You are becoming actualized and awakened to the higher perspectives.

...for it is the soul that beckons thee into pursuing more of the eternal verities of Mine Comforter .. and these verities are the prerequisites for entering into the Kingdom of the Father's Initiatory Thought. Of unfolding His perfection through mercy and grace everlasting.

The soul cometh .. beloveds .. it is the blossoming result of your emergence in the Mother’s Spirit .. for her Virtues and Values stoke the embers of thine Visionary Ideal into reality through the venture of the immortal soul. Thus .. ye are sowing in righteousness and rectitude .. honor and humility.

The earthly sojourn is the unifying tapestry by which the body .. mind .. spirit .. soul .. and personality .. all become raised and unified into the Deity of Supremacy .. a new and higher personalized and uniquely individualized You. A new order of being is brought forth through your cooperation and constancy .. your collaboration and constructively qualified momentums of light and life. Your consecration and concentration of thoughtful communion with the Universal Father .. this certainly abounds in your survival and ascendancy of mortal death to elevate you into the resurrected body of immortal status and divine stature as your adventure of Our Universal Citizenship catapults you into a luminous and eternally service driven soul personality of eternal capacity and heightened vibratory capability.

For God the Supremacy of Deity is further actualized by each member of His finite and experiential unfoldment.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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