Paradise Trinity Endowment Ideal of Salvington

Our religious ideal raises the standards of living for humanity. Our Ideal produces great broad growth in character and meanings. It enhances and powerfully refines all values and agendas.

Our Ideal quickens the heart mind and body of the personality soul into an alignment universal. It erases the human tendencies to confuse their personal interpretations and evaluations with the Absolute Truth.

Our Ideal tempers the individual's desires to seek short term pleasures at the incredible cost of their long term divine plan.

Our Ideal of the Paradise Trinity Endowment matures thine allegiance and all-consuming love .. redirecting these precious life momentums into higher conceptual understanding and involvements with Our Universal Culture.

Our fellowship together does elevate the personality who gives themselves to our discipleship into a new pasture streaming with the divine radiation of the planetary administration. Growth is always predicated upon the enhancement of ideal .. the increased appreciation of values and visionary sight upon the true destiny and goal of all living.

New motivations spring forth out from these constructively qualified changes. New meanings of values arise and infiltrate .. penetrating the personal consciousness which chooses daily to deliver themselves to our Universal Doorstep in the wholehearted consecration of their willingness to seek God .. becoming his nature and character of giving .. and .. their unwavering desire to live the Will of Heaven through the harmonious balance of all misqualified conditions.

Pride, prejudice,  and arrogant ignorance are always the three greatest obstructions to a personality advancing upon the illuminated highways of Our Fellowship together.

These must be brought to the surface of consciousness and redefined in light of the greater Perfection of the Paradise Career.

The fertile soils which nurture growth and Our advancement into the Kingdom of all Light and Life .. these soils become depleted of their nutrients when the daily application is diluted and dissolved .. exchanging our ideal for the business of lesser nature living.

Yet .. as ye walk within the Omnipotent Grasp of Mine Hand of Mercy .. ye shall enter a progressive life of self-realization .. the collaboration and cooperation of your natural propensities into congruence and the eternal coordination .. the healthy opening up to wonder and awe for the Infinity of Life .. a perpetually expansive love which nourishes satisfaction beyond the ways of the world.

Allegiance .. Awareness .. Adoration .. Acknowledgement .. Appreciation .. Acceptance .. these are a few of the Cardinal Virtues of the Comforter Spirit. Generate these Qualities.  Harness the powers of your free will with the Embracing Eternity Exercises of the Seven Eyes.

Walk with self-respect and dignity .. honor and humility .. and I shall greet you at the Gateway of your own indwelling God Presence.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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