Mine Swollen Heart of Infinity

Thou children of Mine Swollen Heart which craves for thee your  intellectual emancipation from thine preconceptions which torture thee into seeking and never finding...

I do hunger for each of you .. for your permanent and everlasting freedom and glory in the One Father Source .. I reveal His way of Illumination from the materializing influences of mortal accumulation...
In behalf of the Goodly Father of all Life who indwells thine mind and has bestowed Himself upon thine countenance .. I tell thee .. seek Him as Mine own Selfhood within the sweetly fragrant breezes of a summer's afternoon .. the Son Drenched Warmth of Pure Intelligence and Merciful ministrations unto all the creation .. wherein thine physical sun continually beams Himself outward to this system of worlds .. He uses the sun as His radiating outpost .. His place at this locational point in the universes to bear Himself with vulnerability and transparency .. to share the Life of Himself .. the One Deity Absolute .. to extend his  essence and effulgence upon the tapestries of the earthly terrain .. for He giveth thee Life and aspirations .. inspiring strengths and faith-loving eternally touching  gyrations of splendor in thine heart and mind.

I AM the One Universal Wholeness of the Father Son Spirit Totality in Mine expression. 

I come to bear good and true witness to this One endless and limitless Infinity .. demonstrating the possibilities for all the kingdoms of this planetary orb.

I invite each and all regardless of thine predispositions .. thine race .. thine background .. I welcome all with the fullness of My overflowing Heart.

I offer to each one who has grown weary of separations in mind and heart. Who yearn for the life more abundant in their own personal  spiritual Illumination from all thine woes and wanton ways of the world's misfortune ..

Come unto Me .. all ye who find themselves in troubled times. I shall give thee thine rest and fortitude ..   Thine faithful trust in Our Mutualness of God's Life .. in our universe and the borderlands of our neighborhood of universes teeming with untold intellect life and beauty which wills itself to share with us all their bountiful fruit.

I am Michael of this Universe .. the Father Son Personified for all to partake of and aspire towards.

I stand in thine midst as father, friend, brother of eternity, and as thine own intimately bound Selfhood within and as the Ocean of His Goodness .. Truth .. and Beauty.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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