I Cometh for thine Universal Salvation

Know ye .. that humankind as it is beheld by men and women is not the only civilization of mortality. Humanity hath a place .. a state of being .. into itself; our Universe of Nebadon is teeming with planets well beyond your levels of development in what would appear to you as existing well into the future.

They have their species and races and cohorts and potentates dwelling in all kinds of conditions of livinghood. They do make a practice of their talents in accordance with their development of intellect.

I tell thee a revealing beloveds .. all is truly Thought. All of us are this Initiatory Thought of the Father's Life in manifest .. appearing in Matter. And Matter is also His Initiatory Thought Life. These things are of the Father's Initiatory Thought Conceiving. And He conceives in and of Perfection .. beloveds.

Thought is the Initiatory Life of God the Father Source of us all; this truth that I and Nebadonia are His focalization and His personalization for this aspect of creation. We do His bidding in expanding this Initiatory Thought and Life of God the Father into and through all manifestation within our given Trust.

The Cosmos .. in all its splendor and magnificence .. is His Initiatory Thought Life as well. It began to manifest in matter trillions of millenia ago in earthly time and for a specific reason and purpose.

Form .. that is to say .. appearances .. these are conceived by One great and Infinite Intelligence who seeks to demonstrate the character and measurements of His Thought Perfection.

Thought makes goodly use of form to reveal this Initiatory Thought of Perfection and Illumination through character and consciousness .. values demonstrated and divulged by personalities.

Thought is of eternity .. well before Matter cometh .. Thought existeth. Not the sort of thoughts of any kind of lowered vibratory activities of the creation .. yet Perfected Thought of the Father Son Spirit which personifies Itself as Personalities which do It's bidding throughout the Universes.

There are .. within My Universal Station of Michael Of Nebadon .. spirits personalities here with us who are so gloriously powerful of knowledge and conceptualization .. and constructive feelings and emotionalism .. beings of such Majesty and Beauty which would elevate all thine being by your simple glance upon them.

The earth Is primitive in comparison.  Thine civilization is merely beginning upon the luminous highways of its development.  It hath as of yet to truly birth itself beyond its fetus stages .. I say again .. it hath not yet become born .. universally speaking. Neither hath the vast majority of the ten billion lifestream personalities who have originated in their development here within you planetary home.

Beloveds .. thine thoughts do hold similar properties and propensities of creative power and intelligence. Ye are each coming into the greater maturing of these powers .. and ye shall accomplish this through the righteousness of character and the refinement of consciousness.

Our Ideal of Salvington bringeth the human being into this fuller maturation through thine daily application of My precepts.

I have come amongst men and women once again to resuscitate thine civilization into its appropriate alignments. To invigorate and illuminate thine solitary search for stabilization and securitization of mind and heart.

Behold .. thou art beings which have been created for exquisite purpose and plan.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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