Salvington College and The Society of Michael Of Nebadon

Thine Godhood sits above thee .. enfolding all thy mortal expression. It is this Higher Selfhood which mine Comforter Spirit of Truth guides you into becoming.

I AM this Omnipresence of Mind and Spirit .. the Father Son Personified within this universe acting as the focalization with the Universe Mother Spirit for all creatures and every order of being.

We wait .. for thee beloveds. Those who have developed our values and virtues .. to desire the Unchangeable Absolute Purity of God Himself.

The very altar of His divinity .. His Seamless Selfhood must be approached by you while leaving behind all preconceptions and assumptions of the little mind. His altar is imminently present and without conditions nor condemnation.

God's altar is the open door which no one can shut.

All are welcome .. so long as you adhere to the strictness of our vigilance with your attention and awareness.

With obedience and discipline .. desire and definitiveness .. ye shall pry open the doors to the Kingdom of His Light and Life.

Come wholly without condemnation upon thyself and the mistakes you have made. Offer into our Light these erroneous momentums which cannot come with you into Our octaves of exquisite joy and happiness.

Believe not that the door is barred and you cannot enter. The doorway of His remembrance is not barred, and it is holy possible that you enter into the place where God would have you be.

Love is the lubricant that churns the lock into receptivity. Love is the way to transfigure yourself  .. with the Love of Christ.

Love as I am loving you .. without fanfare nor conditions .. yet love thyself because your true nature is Love and Mercy.

Just as your Father loves you .. so must you find it within your powers of authority to love.

You can refuse to enter, but you cannot close the door that the Wholeness which I AM holds open for you and all your brothers and sisters.

My administration holds open thine entrance through all things that you must undergo.

Come unto Me who holds this golden opening for you; for while I live amongst thee ..  it cannot be shut, and I live forever.

I AM the one who comes to traverse with you all darkness and deceptions. All intoxication of confusion and unworthiness .. I shall erase from your person .. so long as you give .. give .. give .. yourself to this Ideal .. and our Infinite Influences.

God is thine Life Everlasting and Everpresent.  We deny no one who seeks, who knocks, who takes unto themselves the cross of their misqualified conditions .. and begins to become the Sovereign Shepherd of Destiny.

Nothing is ever denied by the Almighty God to His sons and daughters of light and life.

Thine restoration and redemption must sooner or later come about .. and I possess the infinite patience of One who is fully committed to your everlasting fellowship with Me.

God I AM and You are .. knows His Wholeness and His Body Universal. All blame and shame shall become tamed by Love .. the giving of thyself to Love and Forgiveness is essential.

Our Fellowship is built upon Wholeness and Happiness. Our Universal Association is a growing Supremacy of sons and daughters who are raised upwards through the Spirit Gravity of the Primal Second Center and Source of the Eternal Son.

Become thou .. blameless for thine errors. Be accountable .. yet extinguish all tendencies of guilt and shame .. blame and avoidance.

These are the lesser traits which would deny you of your rightful inheritance.

Hold an appreciation for the God life you have residing in and around thee.

The Wholeness of Christ waits for your acceptance of Him as yourself, and of His Wholeness as yours.

For Christ is the One and Only Son of God which we share seamlessly and immaculately together.

He lives in you and awaits for you as your future Selfhood when all prerequisites are fulfilled by you.

He shines His glory and benevolence in and through you. His shining light fills all interstellar space.

The Omnipresent existence of the Universal Christ I AM .. is the extension of the love and the infinite loveliness of God. It is the derivative of the Initiatory Thought of God's perfection .. as perfect and holy as is the Creator Source out of which comes all things of glory.

Thine Wholeness is always overflowing with a peace that is beyond mortal understandings. It is transcendent to all mental thoughts and humanly derived emotions.

Blessed are the burgeoning sons and daughters of God who avail themselves of His radiance; for all glory embodies in they who are willing to give into His surrender and sacrifice.

Blessed are the ones who prepare themselves to receive His Impulse .. and who have become the receptacle for His glory which He wills to share with all the body of Us; these are Mine disciples of Truth and Freedom where there are no traces of condemnation .. nor are there the remnants of illusory separations.

Share in the perfect Love of the Father by transfiguring all misqualifications in you .. and ye shall become the sons and daughters of unity and belonging.

For the One Supremacy of our mutual Christhood must share what belongs to Us. In this meager way of simplicity will the Wholeness expand across the globe of this terrestrial estate in space.

Then, shall ye know the Infinite Father through thine actualizing godhood of your Sonship and Daughtership.

Our Society .. and its Communities of Light and Life are designed to progressively Heal .. Bless .. Prosper .. Educate .. Enlighten .. Illuminate .. and Graduate .. seekers .. aspirants .. and disciples of the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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