Our Beatific Ideal of the Kingdom of His Supremacy

Rediscover thine faith vision by attunement to the Cardinal Virtues of Nebadonia .. the Spirit of the Universe Mother.

Attempt not to usurp the Protocol of the Universes by dreaming up your own opinionated way of reaching the Father God. Simply follow in our Beatific Ideal and Vision. 

Step by step .. daily .. incrementally evolving your thoughts and feelings .. your purpose and meaning .. your understanding of the Father. He resides within your reach as the Life Consciousness of every creature. His power and glory will wash away all mistakes and misunderstood approaches to the Kingdom of Love.

Be ever and always focused upon His Presence which is thine own Life .. the blossoming and unveiling of thine very Consciousness which sits out in the open .. approachable and attainable to any and all who fulfill the way of Truth and Love.

I am come with the Mother and the Planetary Host .. to offer our Infinite Influences to you. How sad it might be for one to be presented with Us .. and then .. to turn away from Us in their fears and doubts .. thine rebelliousness and resistance. Enter .. Blessed children of the universes.

Part the mists of density and distraction. Ask for Our Universal Light to enter you .. and to raise you beyond the limitations of appearance. Expand thine ideal Into Our Holy Standards .. Our Visionary Ideal for walking thine life and existence into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty.

I am thine Creator Father Son .. I surround you as thine teacher and guide as soon as you receive of Me ..  and ask for your personal relationship with Me to grow within our eternal fellowship and righteous association. . .

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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