Mine Kingdom Precepts Arisen

Thine misapplication of free will leads to the misuse of the God Life I AM.

Hence .. I have given you My Way and Truth and Life. It's Understanding.  It's Knowledge.  It's appropriate use towards thine freedom and sovereignty.

Walk within My Universal Hand. Arise into your God ordained destiny as the Self Directive Governing I AM .. the Sovereign Shepherd.

Become thou .. children of Infinity .. the masters of your own destiny by practicing Sevenfold Authority .. the opening of the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment.

My Kingdom Precepts are simple and straightforward. These are My Strategies of Divine Discipleship. These are the ways of approach to clearing up the Life of God .. by completely dissolving all suffering and unnecessary erroneous striving in the wrond way and in the directions which lead you nowhere.

Begin to live your life with an understanding of the knowledgeable Highways of Eternity.

My Threefold Atonement Ideal:

1. Preparatory Act of God the Spirit

The Cardinal Virtues of the Infinite Universe Mother Spirit

2. Revelatory Word of God the Son

The Universal Protocol of Nebadon and your righteous relationship with the three Persons of Infinite Trinity Source

3. Initiatory Thought of God the Father

The Seven Eyes of Authority in your Free Will

These are Mine Kingdom Precepts which do lead thee into the emancipation of intellectual meaning and purpose, the awakening into the correct use of your relationship with God, and the unleashing empowerments of your authority to advance thyself into the Promised Goal of the Heavens.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


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