Let thine Heart become an Instrument of Love

Those who have the wit of intelligence to learn and grow together with Me, and the heart of receptivity and respect .. I share with you mine consciousness in thoughts and words for thine mind to embrace.

All agonies and struggles, all pains and conflicts, problems and discord in relationships and so on, these are all the result of misunderstanding the design of Life and the approach into the Kingdom of Love and Mercy.

As you embrace My threefold Ideal of the beatitudes, the protocol of the universes, and the authority which you each possess .. then all thine struggles shall cease gradually day by day. You shall arise into a new morning with the radiance of the sunshine beaming its fruit upon thine forehead. Ye shall awake into the Pastures whereby rich green nutrients abound for thine soul. And ye shall become master over all lifetimes of effects which you have erroneously set into motion.

Consideration is one of the Virtues of the Comforter Spirit I AM. Consideration allows you to create the inner mental space and the space of awareness to consider the possibilities of what I share with you, and also sometimes the possibilities of what others bring to you for your benefit and blessings.

Open thine mind .. thine thoughts to ponder the possibilities which exist and await thine entrance. Let thine heart become an instrument of learning and the facilitator of your progression into fields of light and life which ye presently know not of, yet are certainly awaiting thine betrothal; for ye must become wed to the Ideal of the Kingdom, and ye must stand stretched into its pristine use in your life and the  surrounding experience which you daily find yourself within.

I and the Mother of this Universe stand with the Planetary Administration .. the Host of beings who have already accomplished what you are setting out to achieve for thyself. We wait and watch with promise and the enchantment of your burgeoning growth into Light and Life through the omnipotence of God's Love.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michel Sananda Esu


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