Inseparably One

Every personality is given Life through the Father's Life. All are an inseparable expression of the One God, yet, ye must bring forth into actualization this inherent gift of your Life. It shall not occur for you automatically. Even the budding flowers that you see in the gardens of the world, these blossom through the Hand of the Elemental Kingdom; for each sweet and lovely Elemental being is learning to use their own powers of creative force to serve and express. They each learn by beginning upon their journey the creation of a budding flower into ripened unfoldment.

You, as a child of the One Infinite Reality of the Father .. ye are learning to take possession of your inheritance .. your creative destiny .. by walking with Us into your own authority through the righteous use of your creative force of Life. This One Force is the Kingdom of Love and Light and Life which cometh out from the Father's Reality; for He desires inordinately and with passion you might say, to blend and evolve and merge and elevate your life in the mortal flesh into a wedding with Him; for He proposes daily to you upon His knee, beloveds. He has already bought you a diamond ring engraven with thine uniqueness and personality .. thine eternal name and position .. thine services and expression. For these do await those who are willing to give up the immaturities of their lesser human nature in order to arise into their fuller stature in the Heavens.

Thine destiny is accelerated by our association and eternal fellowship together; for I speed up your unfoldment according to your obedience with the Law of Life and the Will of the Heavenly Father Source.

Mine prayers are with thee .. each and every single creature is absolutely precious and of equal importance within My Universal Body.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu


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