Be Thou Attentive to Mine Pronouncements

I say unto those with an openness of mind willing to be renewed .. and a heart with the purest of desires for the One Most Blessed God .. for His sweetness and saturation in thee ...

Ye have a birthright to move towards and become. It's fulfillment shall take thee time .. space .. and personal effort and obedience; for our Universal Protocol requires adherence to God's Word.

Thine destiny beckons the heart .. it alleviates the material mind from its quiet desperations.

Purpose brings to the ailing heart Our Universal Fellowship by which ye shall enter into the comraderie of Spirit .. with the Father .. Son .. and Spirit.

Humankind .. it's Home beyond the rigors of the flesh .. is just a little ways ahead as he and she taketh bold steps toward it's fulfilling actualization. 

I bring to thee mine Cosmic Treasures .. mine basket overflowing with the provisionments of Our eternal association together. A nutrition that shall enliven thine cells with a regenerative liquid golden Life .. and make thine atomic substance roar with goodly divinings and everlasting splendor.

Doth ye perceive that ye are famished and athirst? It doth you no good turn your earthly steps into unhallowed and unholy pathways of wasteful time and space misgivings which do merely feed the ephemeral senses and the bodily mind of separations and unhealthy sympathies .. yet starve thine progressive advancements.

The God whom we serve together hath a balsam .. an ointment to be given those with the humility of heart and the purified emptiness of a mind-filled personal and opposing agenda.

He affixes thee to Our generosity of hope and rightful offerings in order to help you walk further along the byways of the eternal ascent into promise and wholesomeness.

Let not the Voice of the Great Silence of Destiny within the Unchangeable Absolute .. let it not provoke you to a drowning. I tell thee beloveds .. all things shall work in thy favor when ye give thyselves to the equilibrium of the Law and then .. expand into the exquisite Beauty and Protection of God's Will.

All that hath occurred for you throughout your earthly travail of the hundreds and often thousands of  lifetimes in the domain of ephemeralities .. these shall become your gifts and enhancements of soul .. thine wisdoms and impetus for worship.

All that hath it's occurrence for you in your experience hath been a goodly thing .. a benefit and blessing .. a fortuitous conquest over the state of the world and it's gross harshness. Thine struggling heart becometh in God's Word a living membrane which does sheath thee from all oppositions.

I AM Michael of Nebadon in My Universal Station. I give to you herein much to contemplate and consider.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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