Universal Citizenship is your Next Stage to Enter

The Universal Protocol is the divine circuitry of all existence which comes from the Fountainhead.

Place thine invisionary faith trust and imagination upon the idea that God himself has come with the gift of His Life .. to journey with you .. as You.

Give to this Life of God that I AM .. give all thine attention throughout the days of your sojourn. Love and adore the Life of God that will become your Life upon graduation from the lifetimes of experience.

Give thine acknowledgement and allegiance of your awareness .. your values and visionary faith to the Father God presiding in thine midst.

Build with Me this living bridge of consciousness and personality character in you. As you give to the Father's Life .. so will you be setting into new and everlasting momentum your destiny in the destination of God Himself.

Invite our Nebadonia .. thine Universe Mother Spirit. Invite her to shower you with the Holy Influences of her being. Welcome and ask for the Host of the Heavens to direct the Mother’s Spirit Radiation to you .. and for your constructively qualified momentums to build into freedom.

I do walk with you in all ways .. and I am committed to guiding you into your destiny in the Kingdom of Ascendant Freedom through the Authority of your own free will decisions.

Universal Citizenship is the next stage of human growth and development.  It is thine deliverance from all evils of density and destruction.

Universal Citizenship is the eternal initiation which you are destined to complete within your earthly career. Day by day you are to carry the cross of your error into the illumination of the Fatherhood of God. 

Then, are you to enter the higher growth streams .. into serving within the Universal Brotherhood Sisterhood of Nebadon.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu


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