The Age of Accountability is Upon Thee

Each personality mind and soul holds the power of their response to Life. It is the Father's command that each individual understand their powers and abilities to choose wisely the higher will and the plan of perfection.

As you walk each day into the fuller attainment of light and life by giving your attention to the Life I AM within thyself .. it remains for you to ask the questions that perplex thee regarding My teachings and our Beatific Ideal.

None can play this part of your responsibility .. no one can take from you the power of your choices .. to evolve yourself and to grow thine character and personality into consciousness of Love and Mercy .. through thine own personality initiatives and decisions.

Ask .. when you are not certain about how to proceed further with Me.

Knock .. upon the inner doorway of your own Life Presence by learning of your Sevenfold Authority.

Seek .. to discern what is ephemeral in you .. what is merely temporary .. and then, seek to empower your decisions for truth by commanding all the ephemeral misqualified conditions to become transfigured into the very Life I AM.

You are the Father's Life with the determination and pure desire to draw down into matter the Sacred Fire of Love from the Universe Mother .. Nebadonia .. allowing the Influences of the Planetary Administration to help you cleanse thyself of every barrier and imperfect border.

In My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Consciousness .. I wait upon thine call to receive Me .. to guide thine discernment into all Truth Absolute .. and to establish your personality soul within the Shores of our Citizenship Universal.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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