Paradise Trinity Endowment

Our daily and lifetime preferences stem from our values .. and values are derived from virtues .. hopefully, the universal qualities that open wide the birth of thine mind and heart into the everlasting verities of the Absolute.

Preferences are the underlying drive behind our decisions and choices. These preferences are built upon seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

God .. His gloriousness .. His unified peace and prosperity .. these and other of His Qualities of Perfection are the highest most lasting pleasures to seek in life.

As you embody the Cardinal Virtues of Nebadonia .. your choices and preferences for truth are emerging in you .. built upon the Qualities of Nebadonia and Her Spirit Virtues which you begin to embody .. becoming encircuited into Her Universal Protocol .. and mine brothers and sisters .. this leads to freedom and mastery .. stability and security.

Then, as you find your values emerging in you  .. you can feel the inner impulse and willingness to take the next steps in developing your greater soul values .. these are the eternal meanings and divinely inspired interpretations for your life. The higher universe purposes and the spirit driven inclinations to build your life and existence upon the living elements of our association together.

Hence .. virtues of the Mother Nebadonia create .. values that are everlasting and eternal,  and these two develop preferences, choices,  decisions guided by your blossoming desire for the eternal verities which are in and of the Persons of Paradise Trinity.

You become hungry. You are athirst. Mine Comforter Spirit sees this development in you .. and I begin to reach out to you. You are responsive to Me. I guide thine inner urges while enhancing your faith conviction and confidence in the Universal Absolute Purity and Truth and our fellowship together emerges.

For I am given this responsibility from the Infinite God .. to focalize and distribute their Life to every creature and Kingdom in this particular universe.

Virtues are the Qualities of Perfection which are Our Values. The Verities are the Truths of existence.  Thine Validations become revealed to you .. and Self-evident .. as you move into our Ideal and it's Absolute Immaculate Ideal.

...the way .. truth .. and life .. of the Paradise Trinity Core.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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