One Directing Intelligence and Governing Love

My Father’s Kingdom necessitates full obedience and focused devotions. It is the law of existence that we return our attentions and awareness to the Source of the stream of our consciousness. This First Central Source has come to each human being as their own Life Impulse and Intelligence.  Again .. I tell thee beloveds .. the Infinite Source resides as your own Life and Intelligence .. for there is only and forever One Actor .. One Directing Intelligence .. One Governing Body .. which has individualized Himself .. yet He is prepersonal .. that is to say .. non-personal .. transpersonal .. and He desires for the personality mind and feeling and physical body .. and soul .. to wed Him eternally in you. Then you are raised with the Father intact into a new order of being.

Sevenfold Authority of your Life holds essentially these powers and abilities by which ye shall enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty.

Invisioning Imagination

These are the Cardinal Powers of Authority for the human self to mature and grow in faith and trust and awareness.

Change not My Beatific Ideal for thine freedom and majesty. Receive My Ideal in its entirety .. and apply it's balming lotion to thine life wounds .. thine cuts and struggling selfhood.

Development of the Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit .. Her Spirit Virtues .. is the great Preparatory Act .. the acting fertilizing agent preparing thine field of density to bring forth it's bountiful harvest .. into becoming a field of ripening receptivity.  It is the tilling of the soils of mortality and limited thinking .. turning over the grounds of being into a renewed soil with the necessary nutrients made alive and ready to produce .. to show forth their children.

Then .. our Universal Protocol tends to the individual mind and heart by aligning thine field of density and burgeoning receptivity with the seasons of the universes;  for what good shall become of thee if ye have tilled and prepared thine soil groundwork .. yet .. have not directed thine plantings towards the sun and the flow of the waters of life? Our Universal Protocol flows to you all of Its riches and offerings of Life Eternal and Everlasting by saturating each personality mind soul with the needed ingredients of the Farmer's Household.

Our Protocol brings the rejuvenation of the warming rays of the Sun .. and the enlivening Waters of the great Streams of the Universe in It's righteousness and rectitude of Goodness .. Truth .. and Beauty.

Mine Comforter Spirit quickens thine field of burgeoning receptivity and righteousness into the refinements of relationship .. pure religious relationship with Me .. building thine faith conviction and confidence .. thine trustful ardor and the necessities of a mind and heart ripened into readiness for the Primordial Absolute Father in you.

We come to bring our offering to Humanity for their limitless benefits and blessings.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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