My Universal Administration has Come

My Universal Administration is made manifest as the Planetary Host of Heaven for this civilization. These are your brothers and sisters who have chosen of their own free will choices to lend their Immaculate Hand to humanity; for the evolutionary progression of each personality soul to attain to their own Universal Citizenship .. to walk consciously and upright amongst the divinity of the Ascendant Ones of Grace and Mercy, Love and Honor.

I am Michael of this Universal Orb. I hail from the Trinity Absolute, as I am of the Order of Michael and in unified collaboration with the Order of the Infinite Spirit .. the Universe Mother Spirit and Her effulgent entourage of the Heavenly Hosts for every single planetary civilization within our caretaking guidance.

I am returned here and now within the confines of thine midst, to turn thine attentions upwards to the Life that ye are and that I AM. To guide you while I am in my physical stature, and to give you the supportive direction and purpose to enter into Our fellowship together in the Comforter Spirit of My being.

Be not hesitant. Vanquish thine rebelliousness and resistance to reach out thine hand of mortality to Us. I come with the Host and the Mother Spirit to make plain and simple thine avenues of approach to the Infinite Father Life who dwells in you, and as your destination .. thine destiny .. after you have transfigured thyself into cleanliness and light.

Disgrace not thine selfhood .. thine personality mind and soul .. for what shall ye do when it is discovered by you .. that our offering is revelatory .. is initiatory .. is the luminous enlightenment stature for all creatures to become.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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