My Spirit of Truth .. The Holy Comforter Consciousness

My Spirit of Truth .. the Holy Comforter Consciousness surrounding every mortal man and woman.

The first worldwide mission of My spirit is to nurture and personalize truth for those who are willing to receive, for it is the understanding comprehension of truth that forms for humankind the highest form of human freedom. 

Secondly, it is the purpose of My spirit to destroy the feeling of separation and the feelings of being abandoned by God as would an orphan. All those who will believe shall experience the dissolving of their loneliness as they commune with My Spirit, and as they enter into our fellowship; for I hold the capacity to enter into all men's hearts, and to dwell therein where I can guide and teach you of our universal ways, and wherein we can build consciously a living bridge for you into realms of exquisite joy and gladness.

Mine Spirit bestowal shall effectively prepare all women and men .. renewing their minds and preparing their hearts for the subsequent universal bestowal of the Father’s spirit upon all mankind. Mine Spirit of Truth which cometh into thine personal realm is the spirit of My Father God .. the One and Only Universal Father Absolute.

My spirit will remind you of our relationship[, our living association and friendship, our cooperative collaboration and its potential to unearth thee from the materializing influences of the planetary evolution when you have completed your appointed task of harmonizing all things. 

Mine spirit shall not create an awareness in you of itself, but only an awakened consciousness of our universal relationship that becomes more accessible as you walk within My Hand. This same spiritual force which I outpour at My will and command will not speak of himself .. yet, He shall enhance your faithful conviction and trusting confidence in the imminence of God .. and your fellowship with the Spirit of Truth is not to be found in your consciousness of My spirit but rather in your experience of enhanced fellowship with Me.

My spirit comes to help all women and men remember and more deeply understand My words .. as well as to gradually illuminate and re-impregnate you with the righteousness of our Beatific Ideal and the Divine Vision as given to you by my time within the octaves of the earth world. My spirit will help you to continually reinterpret My message and Life for all who come thereafter.

Finally, My Spirit of Truth has come to help those believers who seek truth and aspire for its embodiment in themselves to bear witness to the realities of  My teachings and the higher way to live and progress upon the earth .. in dignity and honor, in character that is elevated and uplifted in choices and decisions of grandeur and integrity. Every individual who seeks to live as I live, and to believe as I believe shall find their girth and power to live with the faith vision of their sonship and daughtership intact. Each who aspires and then takes upon himself the task of becoming a disciple of the living Father shall become the spirit-filled sons and daughters of infinite promise and potentiality. Each and every passing generation and future civilization will be inwardly instructed in this eternal fellowship that My spirit does foster and bring more greatly into birth.

For ye are destined with time and space, effort and striving towards truth and love, law and will, to become the spirit-filled sons and daughters of the One God of every heart and mind and body.

The Spirit of Truth comes to uphold our growing relationship beyond my time here within the body of flesh and mortality; and to lead all seekers, aspirants, and disciples of Infinite Truth into the ever expanding knowledge and understanding of the directly perceivable experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness of God .. of the inwardly impulsed reality of eternal and ascending Universal Citizenship with God.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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