As Ye are Identified, So Shall Ye Become

Applying daily the Sevenfold Authority .. practice Identification .. as certain misqualified karmas .. thought and feeling tendencies and habitual destructively qualified energies of thought and feeling arise in you.

Say to thyself ..

"I AM Pure Presence .. I give My Fire of Love to my personal creations as they pass back through Me."

This is becoming the Christos which is the Self Directive Governing Consciousness over your life and world. It is the becoming in awareness of thyself in and as the I AM of God individualized above you.

The Christos is the Sovereign Shepherd of your personal flock of creations .. thoughts and feelings which only you have conditioned and energetically imposed upon the Life that you are .. the Pure Life of God I AM.

As we enter into this coming Age of Accountability for humankind .. each personality mind soul will be called forth to rectify their own creation .. to redeem and transfigure all error of misqualification. And these precepts shall erase all your predicaments of earthly travail. Ye shall begin thine ever unfolding eternal adventure along the Infinite Circuits of the Persons of Paradise. This is the embracing of eternity as each personality mind and soul works to establish themselves with The Paradise Trinity Endowment of Father Son Spirit.

Hence .. in just this godly way shall human beings evolve their universe career into the initiation of their graduation from eons of lifetimes of wandering in conflict and confusion .. concern and consternation. These destructive qualities will be replaced with the Higher Qualities of the Hand of Perfection. They shall become a thing of the past as ye begin together your walk into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Divine Supremacy.

Seek the indwelling Impulse of His Initiatory Thought Intelligence. Press upon thyself to arise in good steed .. to shake thyself loose of all thine barnacles .. thine parasites of preponderance and imperfection.

Give your lovingly qualified attention and awareness .. your allegiance and acknowledgement .. to the tendering of the Life I AM in you. Cultivate righteousness and become thou honorable in the sight of the Universal First Central Source. Be thou .. the divine shepherds of thine own evolutionary progression. Allow thine journey to unfold in this righteousness and rectitude of Goodness .. Truth .. and Beauty.

Embodiment of the Beatitudes of the Universe Mother Spirit .. these Cardinal Virtues of Nebadonia .. shall make of thee .. the receptacles of His Omnipresence and His Overflowing Peace as you then .. allow Him to establish the Perfection of Mercy and Truth in thee.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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