Thine Eyes shall Perceive the Glory

I say to those with a mind available to learn .. and a heart willing to give their all to the attainment of the ages ...

Our Beatific Ideal is the approach to God which I have given time and time again, yet I place it within the world culture of the present time .. during this My advent upon your earthly terrain.

The Kingdom of God is inward in thine awareness .. and it is upward in vibratory frequency, in valor, in virtue and value, in verity, and it is revealed in your validations of inner Truth and Justice, and the personal victories that ye shall attain to in all faith and trust.

Firstly, this Kingdom has its initial foundations in the Infinite Spirit and Third Center and Source .. as He becometh in our Universe the Universe Mother. Her Virtues and Values which She has given each personality mind from their beginnings must become embodied by each one before any advancements will be allowed to occur.

These Virtues and Values are the eternal meanings and purposes of Eternity. They are the Divinely Inspired Alignment and the Qualities of your character of personality and mind which ye are to incorporate.

These Virtues and Values stemming from the Spirit Virtues of the Infinite Mother Spirit of Nebadon are the basis of your unfoldment into becoming beings of light and eternal capacity.

These Qualities are of our Universal Protocol which overflow into your personal receptivity to My own surrounding Spirit of Truth .. wherein I am able to guide you and teach you intimately and personally of the Verities and their own Values of Being .. the Beatitudes of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter which give to you the pure and intensified yearning for freedom and understanding .. the inner immaculate drive and the visionary faith motivating your endurance to enter into the Kingdom of His Immortality .. the very next stages of growth and the unfolding of your capacities for participation in the greater works .. and the more fulfilling experiences of the higher planes and the eternal octaves.

This is the very absolutely necessary development in order to persevere in your faith trust evolutionary career into the greater Universal Citizenship.

Secondly, while I am in thine midst physically,  I offer to those with a readiness to prosper .. an understanding of their place within this universe .. their purpose and divine direction .. and the Universal Protocol of the Father Son Spirit of Existence; for ye are destined for graduation and completion as you return all things to the Immaculate Life of the Father.

Thirdly, I teach you of your rights and abilities .. your powers and strengths .. your authority and this pathway to your  happiness and supreme pleasure in the fulfilling of God's Law .. His Word Revealed .. and the way to walk into thine Selfhood in the Kingdom of Heaven. I show you how to become established in living His Will and Way in your personal consciousness and character .. in your  cooperation and consecration .. in the necessities of collaboration and constructive creativity of your free will powers with consistency and constancy.

I introduce you to our Eternal Fellowship and Sovereign Discipleship together in the advancing Kingdom of My Father’s bountiful Fruit .. and the Infinite Knowledge of your Universal Citizenship .. becoming permanent and immortal sons and daughters of Universal Light and personal Illumination.

This illuminated education is the Revelatory Word .. the revealed Perfection of the Spirit of Bestowal ..  your avenue of approach to the Initiatory Thought of the Father.

It comes to you in the administration of the Second Center and Source of the Eternal Son of the Paradise Core; for ye are sons and daughters in potential until you bring birth to Our Living and Beatific Ideal .. the absoluteness of the Persons of the Trinity.

Arise .. thou beloveds of My One Body .. step forth out from the darkness of the struggling immaturity of the civilization.

Taketh Our Hand. Equip thyself with the longitudes of our Knowledge. Walk within the latitudes of our Universal Protocol in order to build your personal sovereign relationship with the Spirit of the Universal Absolute who is thine very Life and destination in Ascendant Immortality.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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