Thine Authority of Faith Invisioning

Rely upon the Universal Father who has bestowed himself in you. Give to him your attention and awareness through application of your faith trust Invisioning.

Raising upwards your thoughts and feelings .. and sending these currents  into the Bestowed Spirit of the Father begin to create an alchemical bridge between this One Life and your mortal personality. Thine mortality gradually places upon itself .. immortality.

Invisionment is the fifth power of free will authority given to you for your creative fulfillment.

I am come to illuminate the divine highways of our Universal Protocol.

Attend to these central nervous system circuits extending from the Infinite directly into your physical life.

Apply thine authority of free will to fulfill the covenant you hold with the Infinite Absolute One.

Accelerate your progressive ascent unto the Father by embodying the Beatitudes of our Beatific Ideal. The Universal Protocol and relationship with the Paradise Trinity. And the sevenfold authority of Embracing Eternity Exercises each and every day.

Michael of Nebadon


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