My Everpotent Love and Overflowing Peace

Thine Life .. it is the Presence of the Father's Spirit. His Life animates you .. providing all His Intelligence and Power .. His Supply and Substance .. His Energy and Creative Consciousness.  This is His Life.

And as you make His Life .. your own Life in your consciousness and character .. in your choices and decisions .. then do you enable thyself to progress in the ascent into His true sons and daughters of Universal Citizenship.

This is the culminating graduation of all lifetimes .. as you transfigure the old and erroneous momentums of misqualification .. and as you establish the Father's Life throughout your entire physical existence.

Give thine love and acknowledgement to this One Life in you .. moving through you .. for you .. and ultimately .. as You in the Sacred Marriage of Initiation which some of you are working towards fulfilling with Me at Salvington College.

Remember .. that God is the very Life of every individual creature and being.

All kingdoms are His sentient expression of existence. All kingdoms of the Earth will one day become raised into Our Infinite Promise and Potentiality through adherence with our Universal Protocol of the Initiatory Thought of the Father .. the Revelatory Word of the Son .. and the Preparatory Act of the Spirit.

1. Contemplate and ask for the Mother’s Beatitudes in order to embody gradually her Virtues and Our Universe Values.

2. Ask to understand your reciprocal relationship with Our Universal Protocol. Invite My Comforter Spirit to guide your way. I am always and in each moment surrounding you and interpenetrating your walk towards the Spirit of Bestowal .. the Father's Life in you. For it is through the simplicity of your faith trust in God Almighty wherein all things take place; for this relationship that I speak to you of is an alchemical marriage of epic .. and eternally deepening proportions.

3. Seek to learn of your Authority as a child of the One Nameless Father Source of all Life everywhere.

Then, begin in earnestness and sincerity to claim your inheritance of the Father’s Kingdom by applying each and every day  this Sevenfold Authority of the Embracing Eternity Exercises of the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Divine Supremacy.

Take Mine Hand through our fellowship together .. and I shall be preparing a place for you in the Universal Kingdom of the Father's Life and Light .. through the ever potent spring of His Omnipotent Omnipresence .. and His Overflowing Love.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu


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