Invitation to the Planetary Host of our Administration

The Power of Invitation is the great asking .. yet with the full determination and conviction of faith trust in the Life of the Universal Father God directly within and vibrating above your physical expression.

In thine Invitational Decrees .. ye are to invite with a heart full of the Pure desire for Love and Harmony to become established in you and through you in all ways.

You are determining to allow the Father’s Will to bring permanent cooperation and collaboration with you. You are decidedly convinced that your life must become quickened into illumination and Union with His Life. You are overwhelmed by the need to become completely dependent upon this God Life in you .. giving Him permission to control your way to Him .. to His destination in you.

Every righteous use of the Powers of Invitation bring transformation .. transfiguring of the erroneous momentums of misqualification .. setting you free from the lifetimes of having carried around the burdens of these misqualified energies which you had set into creation within your sphere of influence.

“I AM Pure Violet Consuming Fire Quickening Mercy and Forgiveness Flame.”

Focus all your attention and awareness upon the Life of the Bestowed Spirit of the Father right above you vibrationally in the higher octaves overlapping the physical world.

Give your allegiance and all-consuming devotions to this One Animating Force and Infinite Intelligence which allows you to think and act .. move and talk .. always flowing into you and desiring to raise you upward to His vibratory activities.

Feel and Invision as you Invite. Call upon thine Fragment of the Father’s Kingdom .. inviting this higher and more greatly intensified energy into you and your physical life .. it’s surroundings and your sphere of influence which includes your thoughts, feelings, memories, and deeds, as well as, the surrounding circumstances and environment. Allow these to become penetrated and purified. Accept into your sphere of consciousness only God’s Perfection.

…and vanquish through the Transfiguration .. all obstructions which would attempt to prevent your expansion into the fullness of being one with the Life of Perfection.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter


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