Actualizing your Universal Citizenship requires effort and striving for perfection of those inner vibratory activities that you are held responsible for bringing into the Light and Life of the Universal Father.

Thine inner revelations of Selfhood begin to emerge as you build faith and trust with the Unchangeable Truth of thine very own Self.

None shall come to save you by dying for your errors and sins. I assure you of this.

There is no vicarious attainment anywhere in the Universes. Each individual personality is learning accountability and acknowledgement .. appreciation for the Life of their existence .. and acceptance of their mistakes while tending to their transfiguring.

Seek and ye shall find our Absolute Purity and Plan. 

Aspire and ye shall discover your own capacities for embodiment of the Beatitudes of the Mother Spirit.

Aspire and ye shall equip thineself with the rights and powers .. the inner human free will authority and inner advancements to progress along our highways of ascent.

Discipleship requires obedience to the Father and Son and Spirit. Those who are weakened by their errors and misqualified energies .. they shall feel a rebelliousness to own their mistakes.  These are the weakened ones who believe they are above others .. and who sit in their towers of judgmental superiority and superficial outer existence.

Mine disciples are ones who unequivocally desire wholeness and healing. They will not allow the lower nature to tackle their ambitions for perfection through grace.

Mine Discipleship is an art. It is a divine science of absolutes. Our association accelerates your unfoldment into Merciful achievement and undeterred victory.

I come to gather Mine flock into their Universal Citizenship in the Sacred Marriage of Initiation.

Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon


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