Transfigurations Overflowing

Thou children of the One Absolute Purity ...

Return thyself to this Perfection and Purity .. One day at a time with our Beatific Ideal .. and it's daily exercises. Raise thine standards for your advancement. See that it is possible and even probable to conquer all the worldly in you .. to acquaint thyself with the perspectives of our Universal Protocol.

For to live one's entire life steeped in other's doctrines and opinions .. this is the tragedy. Yet .. to arise into finding truth and the divine justice of law and order .. this brings about transfigurations overflowing.

Revelations of Selfhood and remembrance of thine Immaculate Nature must be earned by your efforts daily. The erasing of all remotely hidden and destructive tendencies in you will give you the fuel and passion to persevere. Thine personality will be positioned for doing the greater works. Miracles of opportunities to serve and express your intelligence will abound for thee.

Ye must only align with righteousness and honor and true governorship over your evolutionary career. Then, all of the universes will come to your aid.

I walk with thee into the inheritance of the Kingdom of light and life .. through the Omnipotence of Mercy and Love.

Michael of Nebadon


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