Simplicity Inspires the Fruit of thine Godhood to Emerge

The Universal Law requires the human embrace prior to your revelation of godhood.

Only by coming into the imperfections of the human life shall ye arise upwards in thine flight to immortal freedom.

No one comes to the Universal Father but those who are delivered first and foremost to the Universe Mother .. the Infinite Spirit of Holy Spirit. This Spirit is the Presiding and Primordial Preparatory Act .. refining all while elevating the mind and character into eternally woven virtues which unfurl themselves into our Universal Values.

...and the mind which reaches ever upwards becomes transfixed by eternity.  It arriveth upon the abundant shores of the Unchangeable Absolute. It becomes then .. matured out from its materializing influences of the differentiated density of this human being existence.

Yet .. the human cometh together into its divinity through thine decided mind .. thine spiritualization by the Preparatory Act of Spirit being the source of this mind .. it's mentor and creator. The Universe Mother prepares thee for the R's of Remembrance .. the revelation and recognition .. the realization and restructuring of all things ephemeral.

This same Preparatory Spirit opens thine field of soul into the efforts and influence of the Revelatory Son and His Sons of equal measure through the Comforter.

...and thus .. this Revelatory Word of the Originating Son is the Perfection of the Initiatory Thought of the Father.

The One Deity moveth outward from His Infinity and into the more finite expression of Himself. He comes to bestow Himself as thine destination of Immortality wherein you are unearthed into the new order and name.

...the Sacred Marriage of initiation into the Universal Citizenship .. the Garment of Light .. is the graduation ceremony of the ages and millenia of lifetimes traversing the curriculum of mortality and form.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu


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