Our Universal Administration

I am come to demonstrate to each one who will make themselves receptive to our advances in the great romance of universal achievements. I come to give you the further revelations for your civilization on the real and true purpose for human life, and for your world.

I reveal ever further that the universes are teeming with incredible beings of such grandeur and glory,such beauty and grace and mercy and love, such compassionate intelligence and positive emotional empowerment, such awakened sensibilities which are placed in service to the great plan, and such refinement and absolute purity.

And, it is a very sad sight indeed to bear witness to struggling humanity who is rebellious and wanting to do things their way. Our Universal Administration which is offering your human world the unlimited benefits of the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise .. it is as though your world is set upon a course of parallel yet not congruent advancements. Our overflowing Life throughout the dimensions of the universes are completely unknown to the civilizations evolving upon the evolutionary worlds of time and space.
The Society of Michael Of Nebadon offers to the individual personality soul an understanding of their place within the universes, their purpose and direction by which they shall endeavor to attain to the greater worlds of pure light and life, and the strategies and spiritual technologies by which they can achieve the promise of the ages; to become a fully immortal creature who has crossed the great chasm between the mortal journey of this world and the immortal spheres of generosity and giving .. of a limitless joy and love and prosperity in all ways possible.
...and this achievement is wholly dependent upon the individual choices and daily decisions to seek truth, to walk within our Hand of guidance and protection, to ascribe to our Universal Protocol and Beatific Ideal, and to develop those latent gifts which will be put to greater service in the wide expanse of their new Order of everlasting being within the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of His Universal Supremacy.
Michael Sananda Esu
Michael Of Nebadon


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