Thou art the Universal White Lilies of the Universal Father

Our mission together My Beloveds .. is to be courageously and confidently employed at serving the will and wisdom of the Universal First Cause. Allowing His great expansion into existence .. the very existence of your own personal consciousness.

Adoring and acknowledging and accepting His Paradise Bestowal Spirit just above thee .. and to accept this mission is to allow and appreciate and align with His Bestowed Life .. for it is the gift of thine personal existence .. the immortal gift of His Life ..and the miraculous gift of your personality is His offering to each individual.

Ye are the burgeoning sons and daughters of Universal Citizenship .. His Finite Supremacy within creation. Ye are designed to become added onto. Ye are intended to build thine association and aspirations for the Infinite Protocol of our fellowship together.

...and just as the Pure White Lily emerges from the muck and mud and miseries of the fertile grounds of its garden .. each must become this White Lily of Infinite Perfection and Promise.

Take Mine Loving Hand. Walk together with Me into the thoroughfares of eternity through the Circuits of the Persons of The Source. Unearth thine spiritual muscles to live in righteousness and honor of this Bestowal Life of the Causeless Cause.

I AM Michael .. I come with legions of angels and other orders of beings to serve the Father Son Spirit in the creation.  We come to protect each one who is willing to cooperate by finding their balance through the Great law of harmony .. and completing their journey within the simplicity of our Ideal in this mortal schoolhouse of the Earthen Mother.

Michael of Nebadon


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