Thine Sevenfold Authority

Thine Sevenfold Authority as Shepherds of the God Flame ...

Invitation Power of thy Free Will...
In this Power of Consciousness and its righteous use .. you are inviting the Planetary Administration of the Host of Heaven to raise your vibratory activity .. and to serve humanity by allowing the Paradise Father Bestowal Spirit to radiate throughout your personal sphere of influence outwards to all others at your location of our universe .. you are remembering and then actualizing being the Self Directive Governing Consciousness of the Cosmic Christ.

Wait no longer .. yet through thine Invisionment and Imagination .. the Fifth Power of thine Free Will .. you are actively standing in His grace and mercy as you serve the great Body that I AM.. and that We Are.

Invitation Power:
"I AM Pure Violet Indigo Fire .. Cosmic Christ Will and The Father's Desire.

Stretch into the fuller Consciousness .. Breathe into His Omnipotence .. Chant into your Freedom .. Receive into His Holy and Reciprocal Communion ..

Then.. Live as His Conscious Personalization upon the Earth even prior to your initiation of Universal Citizenship.

I walk thee upon My Shoulders of Love and Service to thine Heart.

Michael of Nebadon


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