Relativity of Mind

Why doth ye compare .. beloveds. 

Comparison shall not reveal to you thine right identity. Nor shall it be thine salvation through revelation for thee.

Comparison is builded upon oppositions and opposing momentums.

Comparisons are of a mind that knows itself not in the light of truth and honor. It is a mind that is in poverty and unworthiness.

Comparison is of the relative mind and lesser nature. A mind that is steeped in the dual forces of opposites which must become reconciled by thee.

Ye are seeking to become in awareness the Universal Mind .. this Unified Mind of the Cosmic Buddha and Universal Christos. The matured Mind of superintuition and divine insight .. Spirit perception and right invisionment through faith trust vision of the Immaculate Conception.

Thou children .. believe not that the fallen mind is a non issue.  It is the seed of all warfare and tyranny. The fallen mind of opposition and lack compares in relation to all others. It is diseased with inferior thinking. It provoke the individual into misidentified imagery of themselves.

Arise .. and walk thyself as a shepherd of thine burgeoning sovereignty.

Michael Of Nebadon


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